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Most Interesting Bookstores of the World

Jan. × ’10

Book lovers…check this out! And awe! P.S.Borderlands Science Fiction Bookstore in San Francisco has a cat…Hermione must live there…

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Meet Iz

Jan. × ’10

Barbara asked me for an Elf lady called Iz. She is related to water and she is a princess with green eyes and long red hair. This is what i made, i hope she likes her. The dress was made with a beautiful ,very shiny blue velvet and blue organza, and it is a very […]

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Stone House

Jan. × ’10

And what about this Casa na Pedra (House in the Stone)? Right here in Portugal! This is not uncommon, a house built like that, i have seen this done very often, but what it’s really original ,it’s that it is a single house. There is one place that ,if you ever come to Portugal, you […]

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Oh look, it’s Middle-Earth

Jan. × ’10

One of the cool natural breath-taking places in Russia are the “Lena’s stone forest” or “Lena’s Stone Pillars”. Many spend a lot just to get there and to take a look. This place is where the virgin Siberian woods stand untouched and the only way to get there is to take a four day journey […]

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Pretty things

Jan. × ’10

If you have a garden, what about this pretty bird house?(Tim Burton would love it, i’m sure) Some more pretty things ,this time for you to wear.(or as a gift…for me ,for example, ehe) Me wants To go with this beautiful house.(this is someones home, really) I am seriously considering moving […]

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Being sick ,can be a good thing.

Jan. × ’10

While i have been sick, i made something i should have done a long time ago. I can’t sew much right now, it makes me really tired, but i was feeling so frustrated to just sit and do nothing, and i remembered that years ago i bought a miniature kitchen and i love miniatures, so […]

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Taken from Mia

Dec. × ’09


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Dec. × ’09

Ok, i’m in love.These are not handbags or evening purses or…whatever! This is art. I want the last one.

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Would You Carry This Flower Bag?

Dec. × ’09

They are the work of designer

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Finished and ready to go

Dec. × ’09
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