Still not better

22ndJul. × ’09

My poor back is killing me!

My head still hurts( not a migraine fortunately), this morning i was feeling dizzy ,my neck hurts so bad i have the feeling it’s going to break, i can’t feel two of my left hand’s fingers, and the toes of my left foot are also numb!
Reading is hard because of the pain, sewing impossible, and the only thing that helps are pils! Strong pils and i hate that!
I’m just 43 years old, for Gods sake…but for years i’ve been having problems with my Cervical vertebrae!

Anyway, it’s hard to remain seated for long, to lay down, to walk… So my mom( God bless her for being the best mom ever ) decided that tomorrow she is going to buy me a new chair!

I have an old chair and i spend most of my time siting in front of my laptop and the sewing machine and we believe that that is making my back worse !

And for my birthday she wants to buy me a new chair! YAY!

She says it’s her contribution for the House of Gryffindor, lol!

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