Half -Blood Prince

31stJul. × ’09

Well, yes, i was the last one to go see it!

What i felt?

What i though?

….Meh !

What i liked?

Ron ,Cormac McLaggen ,Fenrir Greyback , the return of the magic (the little things that are always happening in the magic world), the Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes ( i would love to go there) ,Tom Riddle age 11, Tom Riddle age 16, Luna’s dress for the Christmas party,…not much is it?

What i didn’t like?

The terrible soundtrack, Narcissa Malfoy, (sorry, that wasn’t Narcissa! That was a woman with a horrid hair) ,the Burrow scene( what was that all about?) ,Tonks …(no word for that one)
the Cave scene(where the hell were the Inferi? Those creatures were Gollum’s relatives, not Inferi!), the famous Bridge scene didn’t even warm me up(Major disappointment there) , the Spinners End scene( it could have been one of the most perfect moments and instead ,it was a little scene that had nothing of the tension of the book!( very, very bad)) ,the Astronomy Tower scene (meh) ,Ginny (meh) , Fawkes non existent song , Sectumsempra( meh) ,the changes they made on the sets :The Three Broomsticks ( why change what was perfect?) ; The Burrow is surrounded by trees. In this movie it is located in the middle of a huge empty field ;Albus Pensieve, what happened to the beautiful Pensieve from the other movies?

Too much , right?

What i loved?

The photography ( really amazing), the amazing details on the set (general decoration) Lavander( soooo funny),Draco (very well done Tom), Severus(* grin*).

Not to mention ,of course that this is a new story, not the Half-Blood Prince!

And i’m going to buy the DVD, of course, and i am really curious to see the editing, because it sucked…really. It was awful, but it was probably cuts made by the Movie Theater, because i don’t believe that they would release the movie with so bad editing!

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